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For Tenants

Tips for Tenancy Applications
  • Photo Identification
  • Required Supporting Documents
  • Processing An Application
  • Approval Of An Application
  • Securing The Property
  • Agreement & Information Statements
  • Collection Of Keys
  • Payment Of Rent & Bond
  • Bond Lodgement
  • Payment Of Rent
  • Signing Of The Tenancy Agreement
  • Electricity Connection / Telephone Connection
  • Condition Reports
  • Tenant Default Agency


When returning your application, you must submit a form of photo identification.



You will be required to submit supporting documents with your application. Your application will not be processed if all documents are not given. Our office will require you to submit a minimum of 100 points for your application to be considered.


100 point check - Should you be unable to meet the 100 point check criteria, please speak with the property manager 

50 points Previous Rent Ledgers
20 points Min. 2 references from previous Agent/Lessor
40 points Bond Refund History (Refer to Bond Board)
20 points Current Motor Vehicle Rego Papers
30 points Passport
10 points Copy of Telstra / Ergon / Gas Account
30 points Drivers License
20 points Birth Certificate
10 points Other Identification



In most instances, we are able to process your application within 48 hours and advise you by telephone. If we are unable to contact all of your referees, this process may take longer.



If your application is approved, we will require you to return to our office prior to moving into the property to collect a copy of your Tenancy Agreement, Body Corporate By Laws (if applicable) and Information Statement "Renting in Queensland". It is important that you carefully read these documents prior to taking up tenancy.



Once the application has been approved you will be required to pay a minimum of one week's rent to secure the property. Please note that this must be paid in cleared funds (cash or bank cheque). Personal cheques will not be accepted when paying the initial monies. The property will not be secured for you, until this money has been received and all parties have signed the tenancy related documents.



Prior to completing this application form please note that the tenancy agreement and special conditions, tenant information booklet and body corporate by-laws (if app.) can be made available to you. It is important that you read and understand this documentation including any special conditions.



Our office is open Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm and Saturday 8:30am - 12:30 pm only. You will need to collect the keys, finalise payment of monies and sign all documents in these hours ONLY.



Prior to taking possession of the property, we require 2 weeks rent and 4 weeks bond.  This office does not except full bond transfers.  If you are relying on a bond transfer, please discuss this with our office prior to signing the Tenancy Agreement. All monies must be paid in cleared funds or cash prior to collecting the keys.



It is important to know that all parties signing the Bond Lodgement Form at the commencement of the tenancy must be present in the office at the end of the tenancy to sign the Refund of Bond Form. Failure to have all signatures on the Refund of Bond Form will result in delays of up to 3 weeks for monies to be released. You will also need to inform our office of the portion of bond each tenant is contributing.


PAYMENT OF RENT - When signing the Tenancy Agreement, please bring your bank details

It is our company policy that all rental payments are to be made direct to the Bank. We offer 2 forms of banking methods:

  1. Payment of rent by our Rent Card where you can utilise the telephone to make payments or
  2. Direct bank transfer payments. This will be discussed with you when signing your Tenancy Agreement.



All occupants must be present to sign the Tenancy Agreement prior to collecting the keys. The keys will not be released unless all occupants have signed the Tenancy Agreement, shown photo identification and paid all monies in cleared funds and in full.



It is the tenant's responsibility to connect the electricity and to ensure that it is disconnected at the end of the tenancy. All connection costs and deposits are the tenant's responsibility.



When you move into the property, be very particular with the Condition Report and make sure you mark down anything not already outlined on the report. If you do not mark it down, you will be liable for discrepancies when you vacate. You must return the Condition Report to our office within three working days of moving into the property. Keep the report in a safe place during your tenancy, as you will need to refer to the report when vacating the property.



Our office is a member of TICA, which is a tenant default agency. Should you default in your rent or breach a term of your Tenancy Agreement, the details will be listed with this agency at the end of your tenancy. Once listed, the information will remain on file until the default is rectified. We do look forward to a harmonious agent tenant relationship, and we will only take this course of action when absolutely necessary. If you experience financial hardship throughout the tenancy it is imperative that you contact our office to discuss the matter in further detail.