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04 Jan2021
Regular maintenance of a rental property is an important part of being a landlord or a property owner. It’s essential you make sure the rental property is up to code and in good condition for tenants. [...] Read More...


09 Dec2020
Can you afford to replace an entire roof or install a new hot water system? If the answer is no, you really need to budget better. From regular maintenance to emergencies, make sure you’re ready for the [...] Read More...

Make Your Investment Property More Tax Effective!

02 Jun2014
Are you maximising your tax depreciation deductions? Many landlords are missing out on literally thousands of dollars in lost tax depreciation deductions.  What you should know: Your investment [...] Read More...

Tips on how to be a successful landlord

02 Jun2014
As a property manager we are here to help you maximise your rental return… Whether you have the one investment property or you are looking at investing in more properties, the simple question remains [...] Read More...

Is your rental property safe?

01 Jun2014
As a landlord you have a legal obligation to the tenant to ensure that the property is safe for the tenant to reside. This relates to every aspect of the property, which can encompass a wide area of items from [...] Read More...